Cup hilt Rapier sword ‘Pallavicini’

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The rapier sword “Pallavicini” is designed to be a standard practice model. Its dimensions are taken from the book “La scherma illustrata” written by Giuseppe Morsicato Pallavicini in 1670, representative of the Sicilian school. They allow the use of a longer sword without giving up control of the opposing blade, thanks to the forward balance point. Thanks to its dimensions, the fencer manages to adapt perfectly to this system that uses a slightly longer blade, enhancing tip fencing.

We offer to adapt the length of the grip to the fencer’s hand in order to achieve the best result when handling the rapier sword “Pallavicini”. The blades are flexible for secure lunges but without shaking or yielding when controlling the opposing sword.


Weight 980 g
Blade length 108 cm
Total length 118 cm (max)
Quillions 28 cm
PoB 14 cm

Información adicional

Grip colour

Brown, Black, Red, Green, Steel wired, Copper wired

Grip size (cm)

6, 7, 8


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