Shell dagger ‘Pilgrim’

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Introducing the “Pilgrim” Shell Dagger: A Companion to the Shell Sword Rapier

Complete your historical ensemble with the “Pilgrim” Shell Dagger, carefully designed to match the elegance and symbolism of the Shell Sword Rapier. Inspired by the rich tradition of weapon production on the Iberian Peninsula during the 17th century, these weapons reflect the shared heritage between Portugal and Spain.

The “Pilgrim” Shell Dagger features a guard adorned with the iconic scallop symbol, offering both historical significance and practicality in combat. Designed to complement our Destreza blade, the dagger’s characteristic guard provides enhanced resistance, ensuring durability and reliability in every swing.

With its exquisite craftsmanship and symbolic design, the “Pilgrim” Shell Dagger is the perfect companion for any discerning swordsman or historical enthusiast. Add this exceptional piece to your collection and embark on a journey through history with style and sophistication.

Weight  680 g
Blade length 46 cm
Total length 60 cm
Quillions 28 cm
PoB 2.5 cm

Información adicional

Grip colour

Brown, Black, Red, Green, Steel wired, Copper wired


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