Shell sword rapier ‘Pilgrim’ and dagger pack

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Shell sword rapier ‘Pilgrim’ and dagger pack

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Embark on a journey through history with our exclusive “Pilgrim” Shell Sword Rapier and Dagger Pack. This pack combines the elegance and symbolism of the “Pilgrim” Shell Sword Rapier with the precision and craftsmanship of its companion dagger.

The “Pilgrim” Shell Sword Rapier features a guard adorned with the iconic scallop symbol, symbolizing the spirit of journey and protection. Paired with our specially designed dagger, this pack offers both historical significance and practicality in combat.

Whether you’re engaging in historical reenactments, HEMA training, or display, the “Pilgrim” Shell Sword Rapier and Dagger Pack ensures a seamless and immersive experience. Add this exceptional set to your collection and elevate your fencing endeavors with style and sophistication.

Información adicional

Grip size (cm)

6, 7, 8

Grip colour

Brown, Black, Red, Green, Steel wired, Copper wired

1 review for Shell sword rapier ‘Pilgrim’ and dagger pack

  1. Guillaume Voisinet

    Fantastic bundle! Ordered it a few months ago and I’m really pleased with both this rapier and dagger. Even though being a bit stiff, the weight and the length are well balanced and make it great during light and heavy sparring. And their guards are stunning! Thank you again Bellatore

    • Iago Santalices

      Hi Guillaume!

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on our Shell sword rapier ‘Pilgrim’ and dagger pack! We’re thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying both the rapier and dagger and that they’ve held up well during sparring. We’re glad to hear that the weight and balance are working out for you, and we completely agree that the guards are stunning!

      If you have any other feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We really appreciate your support of Bellatore swords and hope that you continue to enjoy our products!

      Thanks again,
      The Bellatore Team

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