Thibault d’Anvers rapier sword

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We’ve based this model following the indications and engravings of the master of the 17th Gerard Thibault. The result is a swept hilt Thibault rapier sword without a knuckle bow, with a characteristic cross on the reverse. In addition, it has a longer grip and pommel than the usual measure in other Verdadera Destreza schools. These particularities follow the indications of the Antwerp master for his special style reflected in the Academie de l’Espée manual.


This robust and elegant Thibault rapier sword, has the weight back towards the fencer’s hand and a perfect handle for the different grips of this particular style of Destreza.

Weight 950 g
Blade length 104/108 /114 cm
Total length 135 cm (max)
Quillions 28 cm
PoB 13 cm

Información adicional

Grip colour

Brown, Black, Red, Green, Steel wired, Copper wired

Blade length (cm)

104, 108, 114


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